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Greta Kardi

two shores-found art

Greta Kardi (real name: Greta Kardišiūtė,pronunciation: Greta Kardi-shooter) is a Master of Visual Arts at Vilnius Academy of Fine Arts in Lithuania. Participated in exhibitions of Land Art, installations, showcase textiles since 1999. She works as graphic design. Main tool for art language – simple wooden sticks. This is a business card of Greta Kardi. Sticks are like stitches to paint on the ground. Additionally, you are always in a relationship with nature when creating Land Art. Change is one of the most exciting processes. It is interesting to observe how Land Art piece lasts for a certain period of time, changes its nature until it is completely destroyed by seasons, therefore Land Art is fascinated by its vivacity and life. Greta Kardi is inspired by Christian ideas and symbols („Seven Days“, „Relics“), histories of close people (“Relics”), Lithuanian folk signs and ornaments (“Ragio spaudas” “Ketvirtainis”). The process of art creation is like a prayer or meditation. Every stick is like a word that forms a picture – the image of God.


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